Easy and Affordable Solutions for Oily Skin

July 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

Do you have oily skin? If you do, summertime usually increases oiliness and skin irritation. Now is a good time to look at your skin care regime and make some changes.

Cleanse at night

Make sure you’re properly cleansing your skin. Even if you don’t wear makeup, wash your face every night before bed to wash away the sweat and dirt your skin has gathered, so cleanse nightly.

If you don’t wash at night, that dirt and sweat that dries and sits on your skin, absorbs deep into your pores. This clogs pores, making your skin oilier and prone to breakouts.

Use a toner

Next, you might need to use a toner. Choose a Witch Hazel based toner over an alcohol based toner. Alcohol based toners strip all of the oil from your skin, causing your pores to generate more oil.

Witch Hazel is an anti-inflammatory too. In fact, it is used in hemorrhoid cream. This is precisely why hemorrhoid cream is said to take away under eye bags. It can be used for the relief of minor skin irritations such as: insect bites, minor cuts, minor burns and last but not least, skin toning.

I like Witch Hazel astringent by Skin Renewal. It’s 98% natural Witch Hazel and non-toxic. The best part about this non-toxic toner is that it retails for only 4 bucks at Sally’s Beauty Supply.

Soak a cotton ball and apply evenly on face or affected areas.

For a quick remedy to minor burns (e.g. cooking & curling iron burns) soak a cotton ball then place on the burn and wrap with medical tape. I tried this after a minor cooking burn and left the impromptu remedy on the burn for a few hours. When I removed it, my skin was normal and not sensitive to the touch. Viola, the burn was gone.

Use an oil-free moisturizer

Your moisturizer might be making your skin oilier too. Use an oil free moisturizer.

Kieh’s Oil Free Moisturizer is made for oil prone to very oily skin. The formula is light and non comedogenic which means that it will not clog pores. I recently recommended this product to a guy friend of mine and he loves it. His skin is now a lot less shiny.

It comes in two jar sizes, the 2 oz. jar retails for 18 bucks. Try the sample if you can. People with ultra sensitive skin do not take well to this product.

Olay also makes a daily oil free moisturizer called Olay Complete Skin Shield and retails for only 10 bucks at your local drugstore. It’s light and perfect for many skin types. Olay is an award winning brand and makes a line of no-fuss moisturizers.

Use a sponge to apply makeup

If you apply a foundation with your fingertips, consider using a sponge instead. Our fingertips are oily. Avoid touching your skin too. We leave fingerprint stamps of oil on our skin when we touch it. This causes acne, so avoid this – especially after eating.

Avoid greasy and sugary foods

Cut out fatty meats like pepperoni, sausage, and steaks. Next: replace French fries, chips and nuts with salads. Incorporate more veggies into your diet.

Lastly, drink more water. Did you know the amount of sugar in one can of Coke equals 12 sugar cubes? Can you imagine adding 12 sugar cubes to your coffee? That’s gross right? Skip the soda and opt for a tall glass of water.


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