3 Fruits that Slow the Signs of Aging

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Did you know that guavas are a better source of vitamin C than oranges? Guava contains almost 90 mg per fruit, almost three times the amount of an orange. Vitamin C prevents skin from losing moisture and elasticity which causes wrinkles.

The fruit also contains cancer fighting lycopene. Studies show that those who add lycopene to their diet are 45% less likely to develop the disease.

In addition, guava is high in provitamin-A and antioxidants. With almost 9 grams of dietary fiber, guava can also regulate digestion.

Find guava at your local farmers market in the summer time.


This small stone fruit is a member of the plum family. It contains high amounts of antioxidants, one of the fruits richest in the nutrient. Plus it’s high in iron and helps alleviate the symptoms of anemia. Low on energy? Eat some cherries. Looking pale and pasty? Eat some cherries. Low blood sugar? Eat cherries.

Adding cherries to your diet not only boosts energy, but the fruit also contains melatonin which prevents the depletion of collagen. The result is fewer wrinkles and prolonged skin elasticity.


Blueberries have the highest amount of antioxidants than any other fruit, so it strengthens the immune system and is the most effective at clearing skin impurities. If you want to avoid catching a cold, incorporate blueberries into your diet.

One cup contains 100 calories but they’re packed with a ton of nutrients including fiber and vitamin C. Studies show that blueberries reduce belly fat and lower cholesterol too. Nibble on these berries instead of chips or popcorn.

Diets full of antioxidants can prevent wrinkles, so use your calorie intake to slow the signs of aging.



5 Low Calorie Snacks that Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

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1 Cup of Grapes

Grapes aren’t recommended if you’re on a non fat diet. As you know, grapes contain sugar but are far better for you than cookies or cake. 1 cup of seedless grapes contains about 100 calories. If you need a little variation, freeze that cup of grapes in a zip lock bag. Frozen grapes make a great warm day or late afternoon treat. In fact, 1 cup of any fruit is a better alternative. If it sounds boring, throw that cup of fruit into the blender with ice and a little bit of low fat milk to make a smoothie.

1 Cup of Tea

You can optimize your health and quench your sweet tooth. Grab a berry flavored tea next time you’re at the market. Boil a cup of water, throw in a cranberry or tangerine tea bag and add half a packet of Splenda. It’s a sweet treat that will fill you up and add antioxidants to your diet. 1 cup of tea contains only 2 calories, so you can drink to your heart’s content.

1 Cup of Grape Tomatoes

Grape tomatoes are sweet. Not only do tomatoes fight cancer, but they’re filling and make for a great alternative to high calorie snacks. Try them to fend off cravings. They contain a high amount of antioxidants and vitamins A and C. 1 cup of tomato grapes contains between 30 – 45 calories.

Sugar Free Jell-O

This is every skinny girl’s secret filler. The first week I moved to Hollywood, as I stood in line at the grocery store I couldn’t help but notice what the chick next to me had in her basket. She had a ton of ready-made sugar free Jell-O cups, Diet Coke and a bottle of vodka. I don’t recommend only eating Jell-O. You’d quickly suffer from malnutrition; however, Jell-O makes a low fat, sugar free gelatin cup and it’s a great replacement for fatty snacks. Each cup contains only 10 calories.

The Scoop on Skinny Cow’s 150 Calorie Ice Cream

Hey, some occasions call for ice cream so opt for a low fat one. I found God’s gift to faux ice cream. Skinny Cow makes a 150 calorie dulce de leche in a double scoop size cup. It tastes of spicy vanilla and caramel and not at all like low fat. Can you believe that it even contains 4 grams of fiber? Mmm, it’s so good. It comes in three other flavors: strawberry cheesecake, chocolate fudge brownie, cookies n cream and caramel cone. Warning: it does contain 22 grams of sugar. But it’s a great alternative to the full on non diet friendly ice cream.

Snack smarter.

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