LashBlast Fusion Review

November 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’ve been a die-hard fan of Great Lash mascara since I started wearing makeup in high school. Great Lash is fail-safe mascara that should be in every makeup tool-kit. Its applicator brush is easy to maneuver around the eyes, which makes applying mascara a snap. Depending on how skillful you are, you can sculpt the shape of your lashes with as much or as little product as you want.

I’ve tried other brands and I usually hate them. Their applicator brushes aren’t as easy to use. They’re either too long, too wide or dispense too much mascara – leaving your eye lashes looking like spider legs.

Stick with what works, I say. However, I recently attended a Blogs by Latinas luncheon in LA and in my massive swag bag I found LashBlast Fusion by Cover Girl. I tried it. In fact, I’m wearing it right now.

LashBlast Fusion’s applicator brush is made of many tiny plastic bristles. It dispenses a generous amount of mascara and the tiny bristles separate every single eyelash. So it’s essentially no clump mascara. The more you apply, the more color you get on your lashes minus the clumping and my lashes look longer.

My eyelashes feel semi-soft to the touch and I can’t really say that about Great Lash which dries kind of hard. Another plus is that this mascara washes off without a lot of effort, I like that.

The only down side is that the clump free applicator brush is a little large and not as easy to maneuver around the eyes as Great Lash. Aside from that, I can’t complain about this mascara.

I suggest using it for day time eye looks. Pair it with neutral eyeshadows to bring out the color in your eyes.


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