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May 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Cream blush

Over the weekend, I was taught some pretty useful tips for applying blush. I learned that the best and most natural way to apply is by using a cream based color.

If you’re like me and use foundation, you’ll find these tips helpful. You will even benefit if you don’t use foundation. It’s all about application technique.

First, moisturize when your face is damp. Even if your skin is damp after applying moisturizer, go ahead and apply foundation. The foundation goes on smoother looking when your face is “dewy” according to the makeup pro. Using a damp wedge sponge will create the same soft look.

Next, also with a wedge sponge, blend a cream blush on the back of your palm. Then lightly dab the color on your cheeks, making a C pattern from cheek to forehead. If you don’t have cream to test this out, use lipstick. The makeup pro actually blended some CoverGirl lipstick on her palm to apply on my cheeks! Easy breezy.

You’ll notice that the color goes on lighter, and way more natural looking, like a tint versus a heavy powder.

I always wondered how these ladies looked so fresh faced, now I know! Go to for more of these super useful tips.



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