Best of 2011 in Beauty

January 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

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Now that I can sit down and think about the year as a whole, I have to admit–it was pretty fantastic. Filled with so many opportunities, I’m almost skeptical 2012 will be as good. Regardless I leaned from it all and have key takeaways and some in the beauty arena, here they are.

COVERGIRL’s Rebecca Restrepo, a celebrity makeup artist recommends applying moisturizer when skin is still wet and pores still open to get the best results from moisturizer, then applying foundation onto dewy skin to get the most natural look. This way moisture absorbs into pores and doesn’t just cover them while foundation blends evenly with that dewy moisture. I’ve been using this technique since and it makes a huge difference.

Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution by Olay is an exceptional  go-to summer moisturizer. It softens the skin around wrinkles which reduces their appearance–two wrinkles between my eyebrows are now almost invisible. It feels light, non-greasy, absorbs quickly and is just the right amount of moisture for summer skin which tends to be oilier during warmer weather, for all skin types.

We experienced a few very cool weeks here in L.A. believe it or not; the Santa Ana winds blew in very chilly (and treacherous) gusts, leaving my skin dry and irritated. I switched to a heavy cream, as everyone should during cooler weather. Dryness hardens skin which causes it to crack and wrinkle. It also irritates skin, causing breakouts so use a heavy facial cream like Risarium’s Black Rice. This label hydrated my skin from one day to the next, clearing up irritation within one week.

LipFusion Infatuation Lip Plumper might just be the best plumping gloss ever. It goes on like paint and tingles, so you can actually feel it working. Its ingredients include peptides that enhance collagen synthesis to naturally plump lips and menthyl lactate which creates a mild cooling sensation. I have Screen Siren Red and love smearing it on. This new staple will be in my beauty tool box for as long as it is on store shelves: My lips officially have a new best friend.

Best overall beauty advice was from the great Maria Antonetta Collins who I had the honor of interviewing. The veteran Univision anchor had some classic last words of advice any woman can take a queue from: “No pones todos tus guebos en una canasta,” is her philosophy –in English– don’t put all of your eggs in one basket and, “nunca, nunca tienes demasiado trabajo. Hay que seguir luchando.” Translated it means, you can never have too much work. You must continue the fight… Words to live by señora.


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