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The Today Show for a White Label Client

ABC7 News Segment for L.A. Travel Mag’s Taste of the World 2017

NBC Bay Area for SJ Taco Festival

San Jose Mercury News for SJ Taco Festival

El Diario de Nueva York

SF Gate for Cine+Mas Year-Round Program RoxCine

NBC Sunday with Conan Nolan for Roger W.

Green Living Magazine for Green Sense Farms

BravoTV Online for Eva Antoniuando 

Good Morning Texas for Play Like a Girl Soccer Clinic with Dallas Sidekicks

NBC San Antonio for Michael Matthews Fitness

Nat Geo for Green Sense Farms

KTLA for Crest Westwood Presidential Debates

San Diego Transcript for Little Red Feather Race Club

Women’s Health Mag for Dr. Paul Ekman

Psych Central for Dr. Laurel Mellin

Parents for Play Like a Girl Sports Org

Psychology Today For Dr. Ekman

Business Insider for Dr. Paul Ekman

LA Times for Crest Westwood

San Diego Business Journal for MSHIPCO’s Stiletto

ABC7 for Crest Westwood

Telemundo for Cine+Mas SF Latino Film Festival

KTLA for Crest Westwood

LA Times Critics Picks for Crest Westwood

Huffington Post for Crest Westwood

LA Times for Crest Westwood Live Scores

Daily Dead for Crest Westwood

The Wrap for Crest Westwood

Yahoo Movies for Crest Westwood


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