Oils that Improve Hair Health

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Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the most effective natural oils on the market. It works as a heat protectant by sealing the cuticle. It also penetrates the cortex of the hair shaft, moisturizing inner layers of each strand, making hair stronger and more resilient against heat styling.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is widely used in hair products because its chemical makeup is almost identical to the oil human skin produces. It helps develop and stimulate new hair cell growth because it improves scalp capillary circulation which stimulates the follicle.

If applied to an excessively oily scalp, it tricks skin into producing less of its natural oils, also known as sebum which clogs pores. So it balances oils and is non comedogenic, which benefits those with acne caused by excessively oily hair.

Plum oil

Plum oil has recently gained popularity in high end anti-aging cosmetic products for its cell renewal benefits.

This high quality ingredient is ideal for aging hair and skin as it helps rehydrate and renew the scalp’s skin cells, creating a perfect environment for hair growth. Other benefits of plum oil include its very light weight consistency. It’s actually so light that it quickly absorbs into the hair follicle and doesn’t leave a greasy residue on the hair shaft or the scalp.

Argan oil

Benefits of argan oil are vast and it’s used in a multitude of anti-aging cosmetics for its cell regeneration properties. Argan oil benefits skin ailments such as eczema, wrinkles and dry scalp. Its high fatty acid and vitamin E compounds soften hair and improve elasticity. So, it not only prevents breakage and hair loss but also helps hair grow longer.

In addition to reviving hair health, argan oil is a natural heat protectant. It creates a thin film over the hair, shielding it from thermal damage caused by blow drying, flat irons and curling irons.

Avocado oil

Last is avocado oil which has long been used to treat damaged hair because of its high vitamin A, D, E, B6, lecithin and potassium content.

It contains folic acids, beta-carotene and more than 20 percent essential unsaturated fatty acids. Furthermore, when it’s applied to damp hair, it creates a thin coat to the follicle, acting as a protective layer against pollution and heat.

Have you used any of these in your hair?


Professional Makeup Tips

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Rebecca Restrepo

I was among a small group of women today to be pampered by CoverGirl at Hollywood’s Sunset Tower Hotel. We mingled in their amazing 2,000 square foot, two level Tower Suite that overlooks the sunny Hollywood Hills. I met Jennifer Rodriguez, the organizer of Miss California Latina and reconnected with a handful of my favorite LA bloggers.

Celebrity makeup artist Rebecca Restrepo, pictured here, was in attendance and she had a few words of advice for applying foundation.

“To get that perfect smooth foundation finish, prepare your face for application by applying a small amount of water to the face after moisturizing. It creates a softer look,” says the pro.

What about covering imperfections?

“When applying concealer, use a darker peach color than your skin tone.” It will blend better and completely conceal the imperfection.

I also had the chance to get a color lesson from Julie Cortinez, a makeup artist here in SoCal. She used a blend of CoverGirl lipstick to add color to my cheeks! She blended a color to match my coral colored shirt with a wedge sponge on the back side of her palm and dabbed it on my cheeks, like you would a foundation.

Cortinez used another blend of coral lipstick as eye shadow, too. I loved the end result and was impressed by the resourcefulness of the makeup artist.

“Really when you think about it, cream blush and eye shadow go on the skin the same way,” she said. The color was subtle and blended into my tone like natural tint. It looked soft.

These makeup professionals and new pointers made me re-evaluate my makeup toolbox and the color possibilities. Go to Orgullosa.com for more of these super useful tips.

Best of 2011 in Beauty

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Photo courtesy of Latina.com

covergirl beauty bar

Now that I can sit down and think about the year as a whole, I have to admit–it was pretty fantastic. Filled with so many opportunities, I’m almost skeptical 2012 will be as good. Regardless I leaned from it all and have key takeaways and some in the beauty arena, here they are.

COVERGIRL’s Rebecca Restrepo, a celebrity makeup artist recommends applying moisturizer when skin is still wet and pores still open to get the best results from moisturizer, then applying foundation onto dewy skin to get the most natural look. This way moisture absorbs into pores and doesn’t just cover them while foundation blends evenly with that dewy moisture. I’ve been using this technique since and it makes a huge difference.

Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution by Olay is an exceptional  go-to summer moisturizer. It softens the skin around wrinkles which reduces their appearance–two wrinkles between my eyebrows are now almost invisible. It feels light, non-greasy, absorbs quickly and is just the right amount of moisture for summer skin which tends to be oilier during warmer weather, for all skin types.

We experienced a few very cool weeks here in L.A. believe it or not; the Santa Ana winds blew in very chilly (and treacherous) gusts, leaving my skin dry and irritated. I switched to a heavy cream, as everyone should during cooler weather. Dryness hardens skin which causes it to crack and wrinkle. It also irritates skin, causing breakouts so use a heavy facial cream like Risarium’s Black Rice. This label hydrated my skin from one day to the next, clearing up irritation within one week.

LipFusion Infatuation Lip Plumper might just be the best plumping gloss ever. It goes on like paint and tingles, so you can actually feel it working. Its ingredients include peptides that enhance collagen synthesis to naturally plump lips and menthyl lactate which creates a mild cooling sensation. I have Screen Siren Red and love smearing it on. This new staple will be in my beauty tool box for as long as it is on store shelves: My lips officially have a new best friend.

Best overall beauty advice was from the great Maria Antonetta Collins who I had the honor of interviewing. The veteran Univision anchor had some classic last words of advice any woman can take a queue from: “No pones todos tus guebos en una canasta,” is her philosophy –in English– don’t put all of your eggs in one basket and, “nunca, nunca tienes demasiado trabajo. Hay que seguir luchando.” Translated it means, you can never have too much work. You must continue the fight… Words to live by señora.

Exclusive first look at Sofia Vergara’s Hotlist for COVERGIRL

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sofia vergara makeup line

Looks like Sofia Vergara has penned a deal with COVERGIRL to share her holiday makeup picks. The Jessica Rabbit of Hollywood recommends we try COVERGIRL’s new line which includes:

o Tone Rehab 2-in-1 Foundation

o Blast FlipStick LipColor

o LashBlast 24 Hour Mascara

o LineBlast 24 Hour Eyeliner

Like COVERGIRL on Facebook for their exclusive Cyber Monday deals.

My Red Carpet Night with COVERGIRL & Latina Magazine

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Latina Magazine Red Carpet

It was Tuesday night and I was making spaghetti for dinner, when I answered a phone call from Fleishman-Hillard’s Jose Resendez from Miami. He asked if I would be interested in getting a make-over from COVERGIRL. “It will be filmed,” he told me and I immediately said no. He mentioned I would meet the ladies behind the 15 year old Latina Magazine, a publication I’ve been reading since its first year. So then I said, yes.

I arrived at the Sheraton Universal at Universal Studios and was immediately greeted by Patty, the director of marketing at Latina and Eva Antoniadou, COVERGIRL’s makeup artist. I was briefed on the day’s activities that would not only include a filmed make-over, but a debut on the red carpet. I was blown away and a little excited thinking, “Yay me! I get the royal treatment and I didn’t even have to ask for it. YES!”

The film crew came to my room along with the director, Micah Walsh and production began. I was taped entering the hotel lobby, hanging out in the lounge and then entering my room – all while trying to act totally natural of course. I mean, I was being filmed, so I put my best foot forward. Little do we really know about this process until actually being thrown-in, right? Eva then began applying my makeup, this was the easy part. I just sat there and enjoyed the process. I asked typical makeup questions, maybe not so typical because I’m something of a connoisseur but I was schooled in NatureLuxe, Shadow Blast, Lash Blast and Perfect Point Plus by COVERGIRL.

virginia chavez covergirl

Me (Virginia Chavez), Micah Walsh, & Eva Antoniadou (Right to left.)

We wrapped the makeup application portion of the shoot and took a break for a bit. I first checked my Twitter feed (of course) to catch up on the day’s happenings, when I learned of Steve Jobs’ passing. A devoted Apple fangirl, it hit me – we have to let his life be a reminder of what we can do with our ideas. That epiphany will always stay with me. It was just that kind of day.

I then went on to curl my hair, got dressed and awaited the crew to continue shooting. Not quite feeling butterflies, but I definitely had a little bit of an awe-inducing moment to myself.

The paps

The film crew showed up, shot my final look and followed me into the Towne Car which took us to Universal Studios’ Globe Theatre where the official Latina Magazine 15th Anniversary event took place. I tried my best to glide onto the red carpet to face the cameras and paparazzi. While I was at it,  I snapped some photos of the paps with my iPhone.

After this HUGE bucket-list moment, the night proceeded to amaze me. I re-united with some of my favorite bloggers: Monique of Click Latina, Cid of Cid’s Style File and Ana Flores of Latina Bloggers Connect. I went on to click glasses with Evelyn Lozada of VH1’s Basketball Wives, Tatanya Marisol Ali who played Ashley on Fresh Prince and Maria Canals-Barrera who has an amazing filmography under her belt. I drank. I mingled. I partied. The night was a total success and I couldn’t have walked away happier.

COVERGIRL MTV Movie Awards Beauty Bar in WeHo

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Nine Zero One Salon

You more than likely heard the MTV Movie Awards buzz this weekend. It was kind of hard to escape if you’re at all plugged into social media and the tube.

The buzz was hard to miss just being here in LA, too. I was one of the bloggers invited to the COVERGIRL beauty bar and gifting lounge held at West Hollywood’s Nine Zero One Salon.

They offered a range of services, from Fake Bake’s professional spray tanning, hair by Nine Zero One stylists, makeup by COVERGIRL and mani/pedis.

I let the glam squad do their handiwork on me while I mingled with a number of industry media who were also in attendance including experts from CNN, Beauty Junkies United and Life & Style.

I really have to give some kudos to Fake Bake. The spray I got really turned out perfectly bronze. Being a little tan just makes skin look more toned and that sun kissed glow makes my usually pale complexion look a little livelier.

I’m using Fake Bake’s Pure and Natural Gelee Daily Wash and am hoping it extends my tan over seven days, the time my spray tans usually last in full color. It’s a sulfate and preservative free face and body soap made with a botanical, all natural blend of ingredients.

So far, the soap effectively removes makeup and dirt, even a little better than other face wash, so I’m pleasantly surprised. Gelee doesn’t contain sulfates, so it doesn’t suds up. To some this might equate with not feeling clean, but that isn’t the case. The proof shows after using it on my face and it thoroughly cleaning of all traces of my mascara with just a few circular motions.

I’ll keep you posted about the length of my tan on Twitter.

Blush Tips

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Cream blush

Over the weekend, I was taught some pretty useful tips for applying blush. I learned that the best and most natural way to apply is by using a cream based color.

If you’re like me and use foundation, you’ll find these tips helpful. You will even benefit if you don’t use foundation. It’s all about application technique.

First, moisturize when your face is damp. Even if your skin is damp after applying moisturizer, go ahead and apply foundation. The foundation goes on smoother looking when your face is “dewy” according to the makeup pro. Using a damp wedge sponge will create the same soft look.

Next, also with a wedge sponge, blend a cream blush on the back of your palm. Then lightly dab the color on your cheeks, making a C pattern from cheek to forehead. If you don’t have cream to test this out, use lipstick. The makeup pro actually blended some CoverGirl lipstick on her palm to apply on my cheeks! Easy breezy.

You’ll notice that the color goes on lighter, and way more natural looking, like a tint versus a heavy powder.

I always wondered how these ladies looked so fresh faced, now I know! Go to Orgullosa.com for more of these super useful tips.


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