My Shoot with Edward

December 29, 2013 § 1 Comment

A few months ago I was lucky enough to become acquainted with a local photographer named Edward Duarte at a crowded bar during Downtown LA’s monthly Art Walk.  Hipsters lined the walkways and I don’t remember what brand of funk was playing but it was a perfect mix of old school in this new setting, for me.  Maybe it was James Brown but it escapes me. Let’s just say it was James Brown for effects sake, shall we? We exchanged some silly jokes and smiles and he slipped me his business card kindly offering to shoot me. Little did I know how seasoned Edward was when I slipped his card into my back pocket.

A few months later I finally collected the balls to take him up on his offer; I mean it took a nudge from my inner child to call him after seeing his portfolio, which you can see here.

On the day of our shoot I remember having a mini melt down trying to decide what to wear. It wasn’t glamorous, it was chaotic. After trying combinations of every one of my pant, dress, short, skirt and capri outfits, I decided on four basic black and white pieces to switch around. Then I met him at his Downtown LA studio.

It was exactly what I expected. The sun was shining through his wall to wall loft style windows. A bed covered only in white sheets against two picture windows screamed — get naked. Naturally, I got nervous while retouching my hair and make up, gagging a little bit but it passed when he turned up the Rolling Stones. CAN YOU HEAR ME KNOCKING put a smile on my face being the easy to please kind of girl that I am. And we started shooting. It was beyond awkward for the first half hour — not knowing how to pose, not feeling at ease with him. Don’t judge though, I’m really shy underneath it all, OK? He suggested some tequila, so I took a couple shots and it helped. And it was liberating. And it was loud music, a camera shooting my every move, in a Downtown LA loft. And I was young and it was fun. I HIGHLY recommend giving in to these experiences if they ever come along.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the two hour shoot.






My photo shoot with Eva Antoniadu

August 16, 2013 § 2 Comments

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being Eva Antoniadu’s very first photo subject. We met two years ago at CoverGirl’s 50th anniversary event at Universal Studios’ Globe Theatre–where she did my makeup for the evening’s festivities.

She’s a well known makeup artist here in L.A. who is not only really growing into her own as a seasoned makeup pro, but is now dabbling in photography. I couldn’t wait to shoot with her. Here are three of my favorite shots.


hanging at the computer


loungin on the sofa


catching the breeze

My Red Carpet Night with COVERGIRL & Latina Magazine

October 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Latina Magazine Red Carpet

It was Tuesday night and I was making spaghetti for dinner, when I answered a phone call from Fleishman-Hillard’s Jose Resendez from Miami. He asked if I would be interested in getting a make-over from COVERGIRL. “It will be filmed,” he told me and I immediately said no. He mentioned I would meet the ladies behind the 15 year old Latina Magazine, a publication I’ve been reading since its first year. So then I said, yes.

I arrived at the Sheraton Universal at Universal Studios and was immediately greeted by Patty, the director of marketing at Latina and Eva Antoniadou, COVERGIRL’s makeup artist. I was briefed on the day’s activities that would not only include a filmed make-over, but a debut on the red carpet. I was blown away and a little excited thinking, “Yay me! I get the royal treatment and I didn’t even have to ask for it. YES!”

The film crew came to my room along with the director, Micah Walsh and production began. I was taped entering the hotel lobby, hanging out in the lounge and then entering my room – all while trying to act totally natural of course. I mean, I was being filmed, so I put my best foot forward. Little do we really know about this process until actually being thrown-in, right? Eva then began applying my makeup, this was the easy part. I just sat there and enjoyed the process. I asked typical makeup questions, maybe not so typical because I’m something of a connoisseur but I was schooled in NatureLuxe, Shadow Blast, Lash Blast and Perfect Point Plus by COVERGIRL.

virginia chavez covergirl

Me (Virginia Chavez), Micah Walsh, & Eva Antoniadou (Right to left.)

We wrapped the makeup application portion of the shoot and took a break for a bit. I first checked my Twitter feed (of course) to catch up on the day’s happenings, when I learned of Steve Jobs’ passing. A devoted Apple fangirl, it hit me – we have to let his life be a reminder of what we can do with our ideas. That epiphany will always stay with me. It was just that kind of day.

I then went on to curl my hair, got dressed and awaited the crew to continue shooting. Not quite feeling butterflies, but I definitely had a little bit of an awe-inducing moment to myself.

The paps

The film crew showed up, shot my final look and followed me into the Towne Car which took us to Universal Studios’ Globe Theatre where the official Latina Magazine 15th Anniversary event took place. I tried my best to glide onto the red carpet to face the cameras and paparazzi. While I was at it,  I snapped some photos of the paps with my iPhone.

After this HUGE bucket-list moment, the night proceeded to amaze me. I re-united with some of my favorite bloggers: Monique of Click Latina, Cid of Cid’s Style File and Ana Flores of Latina Bloggers Connect. I went on to click glasses with Evelyn Lozada of VH1’s Basketball Wives, Tatanya Marisol Ali who played Ashley on Fresh Prince and Maria Canals-Barrera who has an amazing filmography under her belt. I drank. I mingled. I partied. The night was a total success and I couldn’t have walked away happier.

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