John Paul & Co. Home Goods

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During my usual hunting and gathering online today, I stumbled across some very chic interior design goods at John Paul & Co.

Just take a look at their amazing and very bold pattern-work.

They even carry FENDI.


Making Energy Efficiency a Priority

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Energy efficiency actually benefits you most. You save money on bills and become less of a burden on the environment and the rest of us suffering from the consequences of severe weather patterns. Here’s how to make it possible and beautiful.

White Perrin House, above, offers energy efficient features. Wide windows, ensure a large amount of natural light and wall-to-wall timber increases insulation.

Let’s look at more energy efficient inspiration from this Butterfly Beach home in Montecito, California which has solar panels built into its roof.

photo credit: chictip

It was built with huge picture windows that integrate indoor and outdoor spaces, but also lets natural light warm the home and cool it off.

photo credit: chic tip

Recessed and dimmable LED lighting is not only a super-cheap-money-saving solution—it looks good too.

photo credit: chipctip

And hey, how about this homeowners—invest in drought resistant gardens. Quit wasting our natural resources on useless shrubs. What’s the use? These cacti are equally as flattering and they’re cost effective too.

photo credit: annies annuals

Still not sure where to begin? Here’s a cheat sheet of Federal Tax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency. And if you still need help implementing energy efficiency for your space, consult a designer.

Beats Music: The Latest In Music Pairing Technology

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Beats by Dre has been working on a new music service that launches tomorrow (Tuesday, January 21) and it stands to rival the services of Spotify and paid music pairing by Pandora.

I love everything out of the veteran rap star’s headphone empire, so I can’t wait to see what his team has done in terms of advancing music algorithms.

Beats Music Technology

Beats Music Technology

According to Wired, “Your age is especially important to Beats Music. Tell it when you were born, and it figures out when you were in high school. The music of your youth — the stuff that was popular when you first got a Walkman or an iPod, the band that made it big when you got your driver’s license, the record that was all over MTV just before your freshman year of college — is the music with the strongest memories for you. It’s a fixed point in time that’s the most culturally and musically relevant to you. And it’s being crunched by the company’s algorithm.”

If that’s the case, I can’t wait to test out its 80’s pop mix.

“Things are coming together magnificently. #BeatsMusic is blowing my mind right now. Its personalized recommendations are perfect,” says Arjan Writes the Head of Pop/Dance Programming at Beats Music.

Give me some Exposé and Taylor Dane, OKAY? In the meantime, do follow all that is relevant to the Beats crew on Twitter.

Have a happy Monday, my babies!

Menswear at Milan Fashion Week

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So, I’ve been adamantly following Milan Fashion Week to see what is up and coming in men’s fashion and I can’t say I’m disappointed.

Traditionally I’ve leaned on the side of classic styles in menswear, but this kimono jacket tweeted out by Harrods has a sexy allure that I had to share with you guys.

I wouldn’t like to see it on a red carpet because it’s too out of the ordinary for the usual black tie chic that belongs on it. It’s better suited for hosting a dinner party or a lingerie date with the misses. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

kimono suit jacket

An Examination of Martin Scorsese’s Costumes

December 19, 2013 § 3 Comments

Like many directors, Scorsese keeps an interesting style continuity throughout his films.


In Goodfellas he used costumer Richard Bruno, known for his wardrobe work in Chinatown, Raging Bull and The Untouchables.

This film follows the rise and fall of the Lucchese crime family over a period from 1955 to 1980. Bruno’s stand out pieces, in my humble opinion, were in the following scene.

Henry and Karen’s early years: A 70’s ensemble of a leather jacket, polyester slacks and a classic button down seemed fitting for setting things straight with a neighbor.



Karen didn’t seem to mind, dressed in innocent and girlish pink pleated pants with a matching wool cardie.

“I gotta admit the truth, it turned me on.”




Being hailed as a close second best film of Scorsese’s according to one film critic, makes me yearn and ache to see this film so much more. It hits theaters on CHRISTMAS. But for now, let’s look at the garments provided by fashion house Armani.

Fuchsia mary janes, to die for.



Margot Robbie in a striped transparent black gown is sexy and it absolutely frames this new artists face. Isn’t she gorgeous? Can’t wait to see what this newcomer siren-on-the-screen has in store next.



Leo yachts in a classic casual Friday white polo and khaki number here. Cheers.



I leave you with this trailer. Enjoy.


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style dot com

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I’m resurrecting this blog in honor of Balmain‘s new muse, the almighty Ri-Ri. Sure it’s a little dramatic, but occasion calls. This Spring 2014 campaign blew my slippers off last night.

Not only are musicians increasingly being used in brand campaigns, they are also adding a new longer-lasting impression of their respective brands across a number of channels because their image becomes forever tied to it.

CoverGirl stands out as a brand that weaves musicians into their campaigns, too. It’s such a smart move for marketers to recruit musicians as brand spokesmodels because music ties into emotions and leaves impressions. Musicians aren’t just models, they represent something unique to each consumer. Each one of us has some kind of an emotional tie to their music. And music, as we all know, resonates with individuals on a base–inside-the-soul–level. Don’t you agree?

Rihanna is a total rockstar, and now, so is Balmain.

style 2

Written to the tunes of: DEAD OR ALIVE

Angeleno Magazine’s Fashion Night in Hollywood

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Fashion Night at SupperClub

Wed., March 16 I took part in Angeleno Magazine’s Back Stage Beauty Event, just to check out LA’s fashion week festivities.

There was a showcase of designers including Tony Cohen, Ghita, Adolfo Sanchez, J.C. Rags and D.E.P.T. and it was a packed event as you can see from the photo.

There were appearances by Ray J, his entourage, acrobats and opera singers.

It was a lot of fun and interesting to see LA fashion and Hollywood fuse that night.

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